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FieldAware’s innovation has gained us the honour of being the fastest growing field service software-as-a-service (SaaS) company on the market.

About FieldAware

Integrity, innovation and reliability - all with a heart of service.

FieldAware started in 2009 with telematics, the solution that allows a business to track a vehicle on maps and report statistical data. We soon realised that vehicle tracking addressed only part of customers’ needs. The paper and white board systems that were the primary method for dispatch, scheduling, work orders and invoicing left gaping inefficiencies.

The answer was to create an all-in-one platform that included scheduling and reporting through automated, bidirectional, live communication between the field and the back office. Such a system could increase our customers’ revenue by providing cues for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities while at the same time optimising operations and service calls, improving productivity and raising both customer and employee satisfaction levels. This is what, in FieldAware, we have delivered.

FieldAware is a Platform

FieldAware is a field service platform with an Open Application Programming Interface (API). Our customers can integrate our technology into their existing systems without disrupting existing ERP, CRM and/or accounting systems. We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. Rather than deliver an out-of-the box solution that limits options, FieldAware’s Open API can communicate with other Web-based products, enabling bidirectional transfer of data and automating the service chain.

This flexibility gives our customers the ability to match current business processes and automate transfer of information from the field to the back office. This automation increases productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue, taking the service experience to the next level – a vital step to growing your business.

FieldAware is Made for Mobile

FieldAware is the only field service management solution to have been created as a mobile application instead of adapting an existing application for the mobile environment. We innovate constantly – that’s how we stay ahead of our customers’ needs. Our platform is solid and we test and re-test each update before release to our customers.

FieldAware In the Green

FieldAware wants to do its part to have a positive impact on the environment. Automating field service operations helps our customers reduce the amount of paper field service companies use both in the back office and in the field itself. And more efficient dispatch processes and travel schedules contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

FieldAware’s Focus

FieldAware was founded to provide the best technology and experience for our customers. We want your field service business to be healthy and continue to grow – not least because, as you grow, so do we. Our focus is to:

  • Provide the technology that best meets the demands of today’s field service companies
  • Understand each individual customer business, so we can deliver the solution that’s needed in a timely manner
  • Keep innovating, constantly improving our offerings by adding flexibility and offering pathways to integration with more applications to ensure your business can build on the foundation you’ve already created

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