Peace of Mind for Your Customers

Protect your customer’s investment in your equipment. Deliver their order on time and anticipate service needs to keep their food processing equipment operational.

Food Processing Equipment

FieldAware enables food processing equipment manufacturers to:

  • Send the most qualified field engineer when your customer’s processing equipment is down.
  • Evaluate field performance to make strategic decisions for change within each food processing segment you service.
  • Maximise profitable revenue by making upsell and cross-sell easy for field engineers to complete on site.
  • Respond faster to changing market conditions through a clear and up-to-date picture of what is happening on the ground.
  • Track equipment history and records for regulatory compliance.
  • Easily access collected field data to compare ventures into emerging markets and product lines.
  • Protect margins in preparation for periods when stainless steel prices are higher due to shortages.

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