Feed Your CRM from the Field

Our open Application Program Interface (API) enables bi-directional communication with your CRM system providing a complete view of your customers.

CRM Integration

FieldAware bridges the gap between the field and the back office by seamlessly transferring job data, item costs, customer information, asset information, photos, and more into your CRM. In addition, it captures pre- and post-work signatures from a mobile device to ensure thorough documentation of each job. By using the technology that your mobile workers are using today, FieldAware eliminates paperwork and related errors that are common at service-oriented companies. Our software integrates directly with Salesforce and is available on the AppExchange, but can operate with other web based CRM tools using our open API.

Some key features include:

  • Create jobs directly from your CRM system and feed to FieldAware.
  • Associate work orders with accounts, opportunities, and cases extending the power of your sales and service team.
  • Sync customer data, line items, tasks, pictures, and invoices back to your CRM system from the field.
  • Map custom fields between your CRM and FieldAware to completely tailor to your workflow.

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