Eliminate errors from the field

The FieldAware Barcode Scanner ensures that items, assets and tasks are correctly entered by using smart phones and tablets to scan universal barcodes.

Barcode Scanner

For mobile workers who are already preoccupied, looking up items, assets, and even tasks in FieldAware can be a chore. Companies that have hundreds or thousands of items, assets, and tasks with complicated naming conventions have an even harder time.

Using the barcode scanner a mobile worker can pull up the complete make, model, and serial number for an asset and add photos and notes to the record. That same worker can also add items and cost to a job without having to identify them and manually look then up. Adding tasks to a job is just as simple.

Key features of the Barcode Scanner:

  • Uses the built in camera on your mobile device
  • Look up assets, items, tasks, and locations in seconds
  • Eliminate the need for mobile workers to identify assets visually
  • Easily associate items, assets, and tasks to a barcode by adding the UPC to the description

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