The Best Mobile Field Service Application

FieldAware’s native mobile apps are the most powerful – yet easy to use – in the industry. Your remote workers can stay connected even when no mobile network is available.

Mobile Applications

FieldAware’s solution is made for today’s mobile environment and is very easy to use.

Tailored to meet the needs of the field engineer or technician, FieldAware’s mobile applications take advantage of the unique features available in today’s smartphones and tablets. Features incorporated into the application include:

  • Pre-installed applications (e.g. Siri, maps, photo gallery)
  • Processing power
  • Embedded cameras

Together, these features deliver a comprehensive, easy to use field service solution and put the power in the hands of the mobile worker.

Pictures and videos allow a field worker to capture information about the job and attach the information to the customer record. Voice to text lets the mobile worker to dictate information into the application avoiding the need to type. Turn by turn directions ensure safe arrival on time without getting lost.

Our tablet application is designed to deliver a significant amount of information to the field worker in a clear, uncluttered easy to use interface.

Native applications are available for:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android smartphone
  • Android tablet
  • Windows devices

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