Easy Scheduling and Route Optimisation

A streamlined dispatching process makes managing service calls easier for dispatchers and field engineers, and improves the customer experience.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Optimise your workforce with Smart Scheduling.

Imagine the impact on your field service operations when dispatch can easily assign the field engineer with the needed skill set to a job. And, think about how much easier it will be for the engineer to be shown the most efficient route to get to their next location. You’ll shave considerable time off the scheduling and dispatch process.

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Smart Scheduler

Your dispatchers may not know the skill set for each of your field engineers. Sending the most qualified worker to a site enables them to close jobs out quickly and provide the best level of service to customers. Smart Scheduler makes this easy by helping to pair the appropriate field engineer with each job.

Simply set up the parameters needed for scheduling and assign skill sets to each of your field engineers. Smart Scheduler will help you to make the best match to get the job booked and out to the field as soon as possible.

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Define Service Regions for Each Field Engineer

Defining geographic areas enables the dispatcher to select a service region when assigning a new job to the field. If you have also selected which workers are assigned to which region, finding the right worker to assign the job to becomes easier and should reduce the time taken by the worker in getting to the job.

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Route Optimisation Gets Them There Fast

Safety is a key concern for service organisations. Working out the best route takes time and causes delays. FieldAware’s route optimisation addresses this issue. Set up the best route to the next service call so field engineers can get there faster.

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