The Right Information in Hand to Finish a Job

Digitising service requests ensures that field engineers are better prepared for each job. This helps keep first-time fix rates high and customers happy.

Work Order Management

End-to-end control of every job at every location.

FieldAware App

FieldAware’s field service management solution gets the information from a new customer request out to the field in a timely manner.

Our easy-to-use web-based application makes it easy for back office personnel to create a service request from which FieldAware generates a work order. Dispatch then uses Smart Scheduler’s drag-and-drop interface to assign the job to the engineer or location best suited to handle it.

FieldAware App

The field engineer receives an alert for the new job via our mobile app that runs on any iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet. Making the transfer of details a one-step process ensures the work order received is the one the customer wanted to send. Field engineers can ensure that they understand the scope of the work to be performed and that they have the tools and equipment on hand to complete the job.

Once they receive the alert, they can then view the:

  • Customer location
  • Customer contact(s)
  • Task and parts associated with the work
  • Customer equipment (asset)
  • Service history of that equipment (asset)
  • Photos or other attachments, such as manuals or schematics, associated with the work

Field engineers have access to turn-by-turn directions to the customer location. While at the job location, they can:

FieldAware App

  • Update the service history
  • Note which parts are used and add them to the invoice
  • Generate a new quote or work order for additional customer needs
  • Take photos or videos of the work performed and attach them to the work order
  • Complete or edit In-app PDF forms for printing on location or at the office – useful for compliance with government regulations
  • Capture the customer’s signature
  • Submit the invoice to back office systems such as QuickBooks, NetSuite or any other ERP, Accounting or CRM system. It may also be sent directly to the customer via email

FieldAware’s work order management capabilities help to improve jobs‑per‑day averages, improve cash flow and keep customers happy by removing the inconvenience of repeated calls for the same issue.

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