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FieldAware’s mobile applications are the most powerful – and yet the easiest to use – in the service industry. Equally at home with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, they exploit to the full the processing and display capabilities of any smart phone or tablet.

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The aim is profit. The method is FieldAware.

The profitability of a service organisation depends on efficiency and productivity. Getting these things right is not easy (which is just as well because, if it were, everyone would be doing it) but FieldAware helps make it possible. FieldAware apps are written in a way that allows easy integration with existing accounting, ERP, CRM and other business systems. Mouse over each section to learn how FieldAware makes service chain optimisation possible.

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Grow Revenue, Grow Profits

FieldAware delivers the unparalleled ability to analyse which products and services are most profitable for your business. Find out what delivers the biggest impact to your bottom line and go for it.

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Service & Worker Productivity

FieldAware helps engineers and technicians work more efficiently, resulting in more productivity. They’re able to spend more time on the job and less in the office, meaning more revenue without additional staff and an improved bottom line for your business.

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ERP Integration

FieldAware passes data automatically from the field to your existing ERP system – so no more manual data entry. With all your critical business systems communicating with each other, you’ll manage your business at the speed it runs.

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CRM Integration

FieldAware feeds job data from the field into your CRM so that your managers and customers can see exactly what’s happening at any moment. FieldAware is the only field service application with an open API (Application Program Interface) providing unlimited integration possibilities.

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Stock Integration

Increase your first-time fix rate by matching stock availability to the needs of the field. FieldAware’s stock integration enables you to know exactly which parts you have on hand and when you need to restock. Barcodes are acceptable to record parts usage.

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Asset Management

FieldAware can track the complete service history of an asset, as well as keep track of asset location and important manufacturer information. In addition, you have the ability to attach schematics and photo instructions to an asset, keeping your field staff educated.

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Customer Satisfaction

Surveys show that installing FieldAware increases customer satisfaction by an average of 22% because service staff arrive on time more often and more jobs are completed in just one visit.

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Work Order Management

With FieldAware, the service order the technician receives contains the information needed to complete work quickly and back office personnel get what they need to bill customers accurately and efficiently. And because the process is smooth, fast and error-free, customers are happier, productivity is improved, and cash flow is accelerated.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

FieldAware’s Business Intelligence Dashboards include a variety of reports giving management the up-to-the minute information it needs. All data can be exported to a CSV or sent directly to your inbox every day, week, or month.

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Optimised Scheduling

Customer satisfaction in the service industry depends on getting the right person to the job site without delay. FieldAware’s scheduling and dispatch features makes work order assignment fast, easy and accurate and provides real-time access to the data that tells you what’s happening, every minute of every day.

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Field Service Management Software Means...


Right Employee, Right Job, Right Time

Automate workflows and assign the right employee to the right job based on skill set, location, team or crew. Decrease uncompleted orders by up to 16% and decrease days sales outstanding by up to 40%.

Understand Your Customers' Needs

Typically, our customers have increased revenue by 17% and decreased customer churn by 22% through easy and immediate access to information (assets, warranties, service contracts) from any location.

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