For mid-market companies, it’s all about top-line growth.

Stay ahead of the competition. Introduce new services and grow your customer base. Make your business more profitable.

Mid Market

Differentiation, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are the keys to success in a competitive world.  Implement a flexible field service management solution to get on top and stay there.

  • Improve productivity in the field by 20 – 30% with best-in-class scheduling and dispatch workflows.
  • Improve cash flow and decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) with automated invoicing from the field.
  • Keep customers happy with first-time resolution in 90%+ cases by giving field workers instant on-site access to information and expert resources.
  • Introduce new services quickly and easily with custom-configurable fields and workflows.
  • Stay nimble and agile with an open Application Program Interface (API) that seamlessly integrates with any back office (financial, CRM, ERP, inventory)
  • FieldAware can feed the individual work information into an ERP or project management system’s job costing function through our Open API.

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