The Power and Flexibility of FieldAware’s Integration Strategy

Connecting applications to automate your service business is critical to its success. FieldAware’s Integration Strategy is designed to be the foundation to achieve this.

Fieldaware's Integration Strategy

FieldAware has a robust integration strategy. Using our own API's and the Cloud-Elements platform, FieldAware can connect into most ERP, CRM, and financial solutions.  Leveraging the power of RESTful APIs, FieldAware's API is structured in JSON payloads to make data easy to understand. This enables companies to use “best-of-breed” applications like FieldAware that leverage the “API economy” to:

  • Select the best application for every need, every user and every business case.

  • Improve business processes and application functionality – fast.

  • Purchase the products and services they need, when they need them using subscription-based pricing (instead of software licenses and maintenance contracts).

  • Easily integrate with legacy systems and software.

FieldAware Architecture

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